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DIY Projects to Tackle this Easter Long Weekend

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With open homes being somewhat slower than usual over the long Easter weekend, it results in many homeowners wondering how they will be able to keep themselves occupied for those few days. However, there are several DIY projects that can be tackled during this time that will not only leave your home looking spotless; its

What to look for when buying an apartment – Part 2

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If you are considering buying an apartment in a shared block, it is essential that you have the unit as well as the surrounding building inspected thoroughly before signing any paperwork. Below are a few more aspects that must be taken into consideration when buying any type of apartment. Commonly Noted Defects to Look for

What to Look Out for When Buying an Apartment – Part 1

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Many property buyers think that if they are purchasing in an apartment building, they will not have to worry about any form of maintenance. In several cases, they also feel confident enough to buy an apartment off a plan instead of going to physically inspect it. Below are some reasons why it is crucial to

How to Find and Make the Most of a Property in Need of TLC

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When house hunting, many people tend to bypass the homes that don’t look attractive because they think that it will take a lot of hard work to get them to look acceptable. However, in most instances, these properties can often be purchased at bargain prices and either turned into your dream home or even be