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Keeping Winter Pests at Bay in and around your Home

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Property owners often think that when the weather cools down, they won’t have to worry about dealing with pest invasions. However, winter can bring with it some serious forms of pest infestation – even in what appear to be the cleanest of homes. Here are a few examples of common winter pests as well as

House Painting – To DIY or Not to DIY; that is the Question

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As time goes on, virtually every homeowner will be faced with the prospect of having to repaint his or her home. Over the years, much debate has ensued regarding whether this project should be undertaken in a DIY capacity or whether it will be better to hire professional painters. Below are a few pros and

Dampness – What causes it and How to prevent it from Causing Damage in your Home

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Regardless of how insignificant it may seem, any form of water damage can not only have a severe effect on your family’s overall standard of living; in many cases, it poses serious risks to a person’s health as well. Although some water- and dampness-related issues will only be detectable during a thorough property inspection, many

Mastering the Bidding Process at a House Auction

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Are you considering purchasing a home by means of an auction, but are unsure whether you’ll be successful or not? If so, continue reading to learn more about how to not only navigate, but also master the auction process from start to finish. Learn to Understand Body Language Once you have learned to ready specific

Handover Inspections – Crucial Points you Need to Know

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Homebuyers often believe that if they purchase new properties, they will not need to worry about having any inspections performed. However, having a complete handover inspection carried out is just as essential as ensuring that you buy a home in the right suburb at a price you can comfortably afford. Below are some crucial points