Dampness – What causes it and How to prevent it from Causing Damage in your Home

Dampness – What Causes It And How To Prevent It From Causing Damage In Your Home

Regardless of how insignificant it may seem, any form of water damage can not only have a severe effect on your family’s overall standard of living; in many cases, it poses serious risks to a person’s health as well. Although some water- and dampness-related issues will only be detectable during a thorough property inspection, many others can be spotted with…

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Mastering the Bidding Process at a House Auction

Mastering  The  Bidding  Process  At  A  House  Auction

Are you considering purchasing a home by means of an auction, but are unsure whether you’ll be successful or not? If so, continue reading to learn more about how to not only navigate, but also master the auction process from start to finish. Learn to Understand Body Language Once you have learned to ready specific body language cues, you could…

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Buying a House? Crucial Tips to Keep in Mind

Buying A House? Crucial Tips To Keep In Mind

Buying a home is just as exciting for seasoned buyers as it is for those who are entering the property market for the first time, and while many experienced house buyers may think they ‘know it all’ with regards to signing on the dotted line, this is not always the case. Below are some fantastic tips that first timers and…

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Beautify your Bathroom on a Tight Budget

Beautify Your Bathroom On A Tight Budget

When the words ‘bathroom upgrade’ come to mind, it tends to conjure up images of bathtubs, basins, showers and toilets being ripped out, tiles being lifted and homeowners being engulfed in clouds of dust for weeks or even months on end. However, even the smallest changes can make a tremendous difference to the appearance of your tired and outdated bathroom…

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DIY Projects to Tackle this Easter Long Weekend

DIY Projects To Tackle This Easter Long Weekend

With open homes being somewhat slower than usual over the long Easter weekend, it results in many homeowners wondering how they will be able to keep themselves occupied for those few days. However, there are several DIY projects that can be tackled during this time that will not only leave your home looking spotless; its curbside appeal will also be…

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What to look for when buying an apartment – Part 2

What To Look For When Buying An Apartment – Part 2

If you are considering buying an apartment in a shared block, it is essential that you have the unit as well as the surrounding building inspected thoroughly before signing any paperwork. Below are a few more aspects that must be taken into consideration when buying any type of apartment. Commonly Noted Defects to Look for When tenants of existing apartments…

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