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Handover Building Inspections

An image of an inspector performing a handover building inspectionWhile your home is in the process of being built, you will want to ensure that all construction work is being done according to current standards. Our handover inspections team is able to assist in this regard by providing support and advice, while also carefully assessing and inspecting every stage of the building process. Property owners can choose to have our team be present for a single stage inspection or throughout the building process in the case of homes that are being built from the bottom up.

Multi Stage Inspection Process

We offer new home buyers a multi stage inspection process to ensure that all construction work is being performed according to standard:

  • Base Stage – this takes place immediately before the slab is poured
  • Frame Stage – this inspection will be done once the initial framework is complete.
  • Lock-up Stage – this will occur on the completion of the roof being laid, windows installed and external cladding completed.
  • Fixing Stage – Internally the house is inspected for plaster, cabinetry, tile and carpentry defects.
  • Handover or Practical Completion – this is an in-depth inspection that will be done only after the builder is completely satisfied that the construction is finished and after everything has been cleaned up.
  • Warranty Inspection – this will be conducted within one year as a follow-up or second handover inspection to check for any defects that may have presented themselves, all of which your builder is liable to rectify as a part of his extended warranty.

Although you as the home owner will benefit the most when making use of our multi-stage inspection service, your builder will in fact benefit as well in that they will be made aware of issues that need immediate attention before they become extremely costly and inconvenient to repair.

Why Handover Inspections are Essential

Many house and apartment buyers think that because they are purchasing a brand new property, there will be no issues with the construction of it. However, the fact is that builders are continually facing the challenge of providing top quality construction at competitive prices. There have been instances where new homes have been found to be heavily defective. Having a handover inspection performed by us will ensure that everything is built and installed according to the highest possible standards and that the newly installed termite barrier has not been damaged or compromised anywhere during the building process.
Before choosing a builder, it is recommended that you rely more on referrals than new display properties. If possible, try to inspect older homes that have been constructed by the builder you are considering hiring. This will give you a good idea of the quality of their overall workmanship. It is also essential to ensure that the builder you want to use is fully licensed and registered, and that they carry the necessary insurance.
If you are in the process of having a home built and you would like to ensure that everything is up to standard, regardless of what stage the building may be in, contact us to schedule a handover inspection today.

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