While it may be a grand experience to be a property owner, the time inevitably comes for renovation work to be carried out – especially if you’re considering selling sometimes in future. Here are some handy tips to ensure that you survive the renovation process and come out on the other side with a few grey hairs as possible!

Concentrate on Kitchens and Bathrooms Inside

While searching for a home to purchase, the vast majority of potential buyers tend to closely scrutinise the kitchen and bathroom(s). As a result, it’s recommended to use neutral colours and tones when selecting floor coverings and paint – these will most likely yield the best returns over the long run. Fixtures like shower stalls, sinks, basins, taps, cabinets and bath tubs should also be neutrally coloured and designed. The chance of a potential buyer wanting a avocado and orange kitchen cupboard and countertop layout or a yellow bath tub, toilet and basin set are little to none. If you are struggling to find inspiration in this regard, it can be a good idea to visit recently built or renovated properties.

Pay Attention to the Front of the Property

If you have ideas of selling your property at some stage, it’s essential that its curb appeal be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. For example, if the paint is peeling, apply a fresh coat. If gutters are damaged, repair or replace them. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint or replacing rotten windows will make a significant difference, as will spending a little money on decent landscaping. Filling in bare lawn patches, planting a few colourful flowers and trimming trees will ensure that your home is more visually appealing than at least a few others on the block.

Pay Attention to Outdoor Entertainment Areas

Nowadays, a large number of potential home buyers are more interested in properties that come with established outside living areas. Installing fixtures such as outside fire pits, sun rooms and sections where food can be prepped around a built-in barbeque area will make your property far more appealing than those that don’t offer these amenities. It’s also a good idea to have a shady spot for family and visitors to relax outside while the weather is warmer.

Ensure Approval is Granted and Renovations are Inspected

In cases where home renovations are going to entail constructing additional external walls or extra rooms are being erected, it’s crucial that the appropriate city council and/or government approval and permits are obtained ahead of time. In addition, you will need to verify that trades people and builders who are performing renovations and/or repair work are suitably experienced and licenced to do so. This will ensure that projects are carried out according to Australian Standards.

One of the best ways to see if a builder has performed a decent job is to enquire about seeing other properties where they have done work recently. In cases where they turn down this request or make excuses, it’s recommended that you choose an alternative builder instead.