Many people think that pre-sale property inspections are only there to protect buyers from purchasing ‘the home from hell.’ However, these inspections can in fact be of substantial benefit to vendors or sellers as well.

What Aspects are Checked During a Pre-Sale Inspection?

Pre-sale inspections involve providing the same reports that are given to property buyers, with the only difference being that the estate agent or vendor will be able to access them before the sale takes place. When our inspectors carry out a pre-sale inspection, they will thoroughly check your home’s overall structure such as walls, roof, windows, flooring and doors, power distribution boards, electrical wiring and appliance installations (if applicable). Any appliances that need replacement or other items that require repairs or attention in any way will be listed in your report in such a way that it will be easy enough for you to understand.

Vendor – Ensure you have Seller Protection throughout the Negotiation Process

Having a pre-sale inspection carried out will enable you to be made aware of potential electrical, structural or plumbing problems that may be present before you attempt to put your property on the market for sale. It also enables you to be armed with the right knowledge when the time comes to determine a fair and reasonable selling price for the property in question. If any renovations have been done on your home or it is an older structure that hasn’t had any updates done to it, you may find that it is due time to have units such as hot water systems replaced.

Buyer – Enjoy Peace of Mind

Many people are under the impression that it is going to be a waste of a few hundred dollars to pay for a pre-purchase inspection on a property they would like to purchase. However, the main benefit of a pre-sale inspection that you will enjoy as a buyer is complete peace of mind knowing that you will be able to move in and enjoy living in your new home as quickly as possible – without having to worry about whether you will need to shell out thousands of dollars a few months down the line to replace a roof, deal with a pest invasion or a burst hot water tank that has caused damage to the inside of the property.

Hire Accredited Inspectors

It’s essential that you hire accredited, reputable and experienced people to perform your pre-sale inspection. This will ensure that it is carried out according to current Australian Standards. All of our inspectors are highly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to performing these and many other types of property inspections.

If you would like to learn more about the pre-sale inspection process or you would like to have one of our inspectors perform this service on your property or at one that you would like to purchase, get in touch with us today. We will ensure that you receive a report upon completion that is extremely straightforward and easy to understand.

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