Over the past few years, more and more instances of tradesmen accepting money from clients and not completing the agreed upon work, or starting a job and not finishing it properly have been reported. Consumer Protection acting Commissioner, David Hillyard, confirmed that instances of this sort had increased exponentially. Below are some tips to take note of before hiring your next tradie to do any form of work for you.

1. Obtain More than One Quote

Before having any work done on your property, it’s essential that you obtain more than one quote from various tradespeople. When searching for tradespeople to provide quotes, it’s strongly recommended that you obtain personal references from people you know that have recently had work done. Another way to find a reputable tradesperson is to hire those that have the appropriate industry association recognition. Obtaining more than one quote will enable you to determine whether all of them cover everything required to finish the job or if you are still going to have to pay out additional money at a later stage.

2. Avoid Using Travelling Tradies

If anyone knocks on your door unannounced and claims to be a tradesperson of any sort, don’t be fooled by their smooth sales pitch. Over the years, too many home owners have been conned into paying significant deposits to these people, only to find that they lose their money and are never able to find the so-called tradesperson again.

3. Ensure that your Chosen Tradesperson is licensed

It is a legal requirement for a home owner to ensure that the tradespeople they have chosen to perform renovations or other types of building work are appropriately licensed. When a tradesperson is licensed, it also means that they possess the right qualifications and experience to get the job done properly and according to current Australian Standards. If you are not sure whether your chosen tradie is licenced or not, you can perform a quick check on www.licensed trades.com.au.

4. Insist on Obtaining a Written Quote

Regardless of how well you know a particular tradesperson, it is crucial to obtain a written quote from them – never ever rely on a verbal quote, as this can (and usually does) end up being horrifically inflated over time. When obtaining your written quote, ensure that each item being supplied and each task being performed is carefully itemised, as this will enable you to see exactly what you will be paying for.

5. Ask for References from Previous Clients

A great way to find out whether a tradie does decent work or not is to ask them for references from clients where they have done work previously. If they refuse to supply this information, it will be best to choose an alternative tradesperson, as it may be an indication that they don’t do good quality work or complete tasks according to current Australian Standards.

Hiring the correct tradesperson to perform renovations or other home improvements will not only ensure the work gets done properly; it will enable you to enjoy peace of mind for many years to come.

Photo credit: Copyright: auremar / 123RF Stock Photo