While minor home renovation projects can take a few months to complete, larger projects such as room additions or whole home makeovers can stretch out for anywhere between 12 and 18 months from the time of deciding to update until the last cement dust has been swept away. Below are a few handy tips to help you retain a shred of sanity throughout the process.

Decide what you want

The beginning stage of a renovation project involves the initial design process. The speed at which this process moves along will be determined by how decisive you are regarding what you want and how well your design professional or builder is able to interpret your information. The more information you provide in the beginning, the better the end results are going to be.

Have a Realistic Budget in Mind

It’s not only essential that you have a realistic budget in mind; you need to be open about your budget with everyone who will be involved in the renovation process. In order to provide you with the right advice and information, your designer or architect will need to know exactly what your budget is going to be for the renovations. This will enable you to obtain the absolute best results possible for the budget you are working with.

Be Aware of Average Timeframes

Getting to know how long renovation projects usually take will provide you with a general guideline to work with. While a smaller project such as a basic bathroom upgrade can take between one and two months to complete, a more complex project such as a full kitchen makeover can take three to four months to finish up. Larger projects such as extending on a house or adding rooms can take anywhere from six to 18 months to finish.

Make your Home Livable First

It can be tempting to take on too much work during the initial stages of a renovation project. However, you will be better off if you are able to focus on essential such as working electrical outlets and bathroom fixtures before trying to add the final decorative touches.

Try to Schedule Work in Stages

When extensive renovation work is being done, many property owners make the mistake of trying to get too much done at once. Instead, aim to finish the bedrooms and at least a bathroom before moving on to other projects in the house. This will enable you and your family to at least have comfortable areas to sleep and relax during the day – even if the rest of the house is still in total chaos.

Before entering into a contract with any builder, architect or other tradespeople, it is essential to verify that they are fully insured and accredited. This will ensure that work is carried out according to current Australian Standards and that workmanship is of the best quality possible. It is also important to confirm that a warranty or guarantee is being provided on any renovation work being done.

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