Many people who are in the market to purchase homes are so eager to have their offer accepted that they forego having any building inspections beforehand – usually to their detriment at a later stage though. Take a look at these 5 reasons why it’s crucial to have a property inspection performed before even considering making an offer on a property – no matter how much of a bargain it may seem to be.

1. Identify Structural Problems

Before considering putting in an offer for a home, it’s crucial to ensure that it is structurally sound. Not only will this save you money on major repairs in years to come; it will help ensure that you and your family can live in the property safely – without worrying about whether a roof or wall will collapse unexpectedly. There are cases where some structural problems cannot be repaired either, resulting in parts of a property – or even the whole home in some cases – having to be demolished.

2. Identify Unsafe Areas of a Property

When purchasing a home for your family to live in, you will want to ensure it’s completely safe before moving in. Areas and aspects that are looked for during a pre-purchase inspection include the presence of asbestos, whether lead-based paint may be present on walls or ceilings in older homes, if there are any balustrades that are damaged or missing and whether there are any cracks in the walls, roofing or foundations. Having a pre-purchase inspection performed will help you determine whether it will be worth your while to take on the cost of repairing issues like these.

3. Ensure Smoke Alarms and Wiring are Inspected

Electrical wiring that is faulty or that does not conform to current Australian Standards can not only increase the risk of a fire breaking out; you or another family member could be electrocuted when trying to use appliances or even electronic devices. During a pre-purchase inspection, the amount of smoke detectors/alarms will also be checked to ensure that there are enough of them and that they are all in good working order.

4. Determine whether Sundry Structures are Safe

During a pre-purchase inspection, it’s not only the main house that will be thoroughly checked; all other structures that are on the property such as garden sheds, patios and standalone garages will also be inspected to ensure that they are completely safe and that they conform to local council regulations.

5. Determine Whether Future Repairs will fit into your Budget

Although you might think it will be worthwhile to purchase a property that is going cheap because of the repairs that need to be made, not having a pre-purchase inspection performed could result in you paying out more for the repair work than you ever imagined. After having an inspection performed, you can then determine whether the cost of necessary repairs will be worth your while or not.

It’s essential that pre-purchase inspections be performed by accredited and qualified persons or companies. If you’d like to find out more about the inspection services we offer, contact us today.

Photo Credit: Copyright: michaeljung / 123RF Stock Photo