After a few years, most kitchen layouts and fixtures start looking worn and dated. If you have been keen to update your kitchen, but simply don’t have a large budget, don’t fret. There are still many ways in which you can give your kitchen the makeover it deserves, some of which are mentioned here.

1. Install Under-cabinet Lighting

There is little worse than trying to work in the kitchen and struggling with insufficient light to see what you’re doing. Installing under-cabinet lighting in the form of LED strip lights is not only highly affordable these days; it is also extremely easy to install and will provide you with a lot of additional light aimed directly on to counter surfaces.

2. Update Cabinet Hardware

Although you may not be able to afford to replace kitchen cabinets, it is possible to spruce them up by replacing pull handles and drawer knobs, or even giving them a coat of good quality paint. When choosing hardware, be sure to spend a little extra to ensure that you get decent quality items.

3. Give Open Cabinet Shelving a New Lease on Life

Have you chosen to use open shelving to store crockery items? If so, consider lining the back and sides of these areas with wallpaper in a bright a cheery design. This will not only add a pop of colour to your kitchen; it will make white or other light-coloured crockery items stand out. The wallpaper an simply be applied with pieces of double-sided tape if you think you are going to change the colour at some point in future.

4. Double Storage Space with Wire Organisers

Are you currently only using a small percentage of your cabinet space because the shelves are quite far apart? If so, installing a few wire organisers can virtually double your available storage space at an extremely affordable price. An added advantage of these racks is that they are not fixtures, meaning that if you need to use them somewhere else at a later stage, you can do so.

5. Add a Pop of Colour

Have you grown tired of your plain clear glass cabinet doors? If so, why not purchase some coloured adhesive window film and apply it to the panes? The beauty of this update is that the colour of the film can be changed at any time, giving your cabinets a virtually instant makeover. If you don’t have clear glass cabinet doors, applying a bright coat of paint to just one wall in your kitchen will also make a tremendous difference appearance-wise.

As you can see, updating your kitchen need not cost you the sum of your life savings. In fact, many of the fixes mentioned above should cost under the $100 mark, meaning that virtually anyone can afford to give their kitchen a much-needed makeover. When purchasing items such as light fixtures though, be sure to spend as much as you can comfortably afford though, as this will ensure you obtain a durable and attractive product.