If you’re currently looking to purchase a new home, chances are that you may have already made a list of a few properties that you’d like to view. You may have even found a home on the market that seems to have everything you’ve been looking for – right down to those stunning granite countertops. However, before falling in love with a property or committing to purchase one, it’s important that you take these five aspects into consideration.

1. The Neighbourhood

Many people forget that when they purchase a home, they are in effect purchasing the neighbourhood it is in as well. When looking at a particular home, be sure to listen for abnormal noises such as excessive traffic levels or whether the home is under an airport flight path, for instance. Another aspect to look at is the general condition of the surrounding homes and neighbourhood. Does it seem well-kept, or are grass verges overgrown? It’s also essential to check that the amenities your family will need are easily available in the area.

2. The Neighbours

Something else you must check when looking at a home you might like to purchase is the existing neighbours. Do they seem to be party animals, or are you hearing the incessant barking of a dog throughout the time you are looking at the property? If the noise or any other aspects are annoying while you are just looking at the home, you can expect it to be far worse if you end up moving into it.

3. Air Flow and Light Levels

How much natural light is in the home you are looking at? Is it sufficient, or will you need to turn lights on before being able to see properly in any particular areas? Airflow is another crucial aspect to consider, especially if you are looking to reduce your energy bills during the summer months or prevent the development of black mould in bathrooms and/or kitchens. If the house seems stuffy inside while doors and windows are open, or it appears dark and dingy, it’s best to look for another property.

4. The Home’s Exterior

When looking at show houses, don’t only look at the inside – it’s crucial that you check the exterior for signs of dampness, cracks or even roof damage. All of this will be indicative of whether the home has been well cared for or not over the years. In many cases, shoddy looking exterior will lead you to an interior that is just as dismal.

5. Privacy

This is something most people forget to consider when looking to purchase a home. For example, when opening your back door, are you able to see your neighbour’s toilet down his passageway? The saying, “Good fences make good neighbours” certainly applies where privacy is concerned.

Once you feel that you may have located the perfect property, it’s imperative that you have it thoroughly inspected by an experienced professional. This will help determine whether the home is going to be a sound investment or not. Contact us today to find out how we can assist with various property inspection services.

Photo credit: Copyright: haywiremedia / 123RF Stock Photo