Although there are many projects in a home that can be undertaken as DIY tasks, there are some that should always be left to the experts. Below are a few examples of projects that should never be undertaken in a DIY capacity.

Electrical Work

Unless you are in possession of a valid license or permit, you are not actually allowed to carry out any form of electrical work – even–in your own home. The term ‘electrical work’ involves the construction, manufacturing, testing, installing, altering, fixing or even replacing of any piece of electrical equipment such as plug points, wiring, light fittings or items located on your home’s distribution board. Always ensure that you hire a licensed and experienced electrician to ensure that work is performed according to Australian Standards.


It is against the law for any unlicensed person to perform plumbing jobs of any type. Current Government regulations state that a licensed plumber must be used to perform any work that needs to be done from a water main or sewer main connection at the border of a property, up to and including any pipe work inside your home itself.
Current legislation only permits a home owner to perform minor tasks such as installing or repairing garden irrigation units, replace tap washers or jumper valves, replace shower heads, connect dishwashers or washing machines, replace float or drop valve washers and suction cup rubbers in toilet cisterns, clear blocked drains of under 50mm in diameter or work on storm water pipes with a diameter of under 90mm.

Gas Appliances or Fittings

When any type of gas work between a gas meter outlet or LPG cylinder valve up to and including actual gas appliances, pipe work from the cylinder or gas meter to an appliance is performed, it must be done so by a licensed gas fitter. Although you are permitted to purchase gas appliances and most of the parts and accessories needed to install them, you will have to hire the services of a professional to complete the process.

Removing Walls

When it comes to older homes, many of them contained asbestos within their walls. As a result, you should never attempt to remove or modify any walls in your home unless they have been inspected for asbestos content first. Another aspect to consider is that not just any wall can be knocked down inside a property – it could be a load-bearing wall. Knocking down a load-bearing wall without having the correct support in place beforehand could result in portions of your home collapsing.

Large Landscaping Projects

While it’s perfectly OK to plant a few shrubs or rose bushes here and there, you should never attempt to take on a large landscaping project on your own. You could end up digging to the point where you damage a water pipe, sewer line or even a power cable.

When you Live in a Rental Property

Performing DIY projects in rental properties without obtaining a landlord’s consent could result in your bond being revoked or even your lease being terminated early. Instead, always contact your landlord and request that a professional be hired to complete the work.

Having the above mentioned tasks and projects professionally completed will ensure that they are performed according to current Australian Standards.