Many people are under the impression that new homes don’t need to be inspected because they have recently been built. However, this is not the case – even the newest properties can be home to some serious structural defects and other issues. As a result, it is strongly recommended that you have an independent inspection performed on your new home.

Mandatory Building Inspections

It is normally mandatory for qualified and experienced building inspectors to sign off on these aspects:

  • Footing inspection – this is when the excavation work is carried out to prepare for the property’s footings to be installed
  • Slab inspection – full inspection of the main concrete slab will be done while it is being poured, as well as after this has been completed
  • Framing inspection – a complete inspection of framing work will be carried out
  • Final inspection – every single part of your newly constructed property will be fully inspected to ensure that building work and installation of appliances has been carried out according to current Australian building and safety standards

Throughout each of the above mentioned stages, an inspector will have to grant approval for work already completed and issue approval prior to the next stage of construction starting. If there are aspects that require attention, they will have to be corrected before any permits will be issued.

Why Building Inspections are Crucial on a New Home

Building a brand new home is no minor project, and just because it’s being built from scratch, it doesn’t mean that nothing is going to go wrong. Overlooking even the smallest error during construction can result in the development of serious structural defects occurring over time – resulting in parts or even all of a property having to be demolished.
Another excellent reason to ensure that a thorough inspection is carried out on your new home is that it will provide you with confidence and peace of mind in knowing that you will not have to outlay thousands of dollars at a later point to address any structural issues.

Organising your New Home Inspection

When planning to have a new home inspection performed, too many people make the mistake of trying to shop around for the cheapest price. Unfortunately, this usually results in the inspection being performed by a fly-by-night or so-called inspector that may not have sufficient experience to detect any issues. This may result in you being provided with a satisfactory report initially, but by the time any issues are detected, chances are that the so-called inspector will be nowhere to be found.
Instead of trying to have your new home inspected as cheaply as possible, why not contact us to assist you? All of our inspectors are not only qualified to perform thorough property inspections; they are also extensively experienced, meaning that each aspect of your property will be inspected correctly and according to current Australian Standards. Give us a call today to set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable inspectors.