While it might seem like a waste of time and money to have a pre-purchase inspection carried out on a property, there are a few reasons why it is crucial that this be done – well before any type of sale paperwork is signed. Below are a few reasons why you should not skip the pre-purchase inspection.

Pick up Structural Problems

An undetected structural problem will not only cause a lot of damage to a property or even injure a person; in a lot of cases, structural issues cannot be addressed without having to do expensive repairs and construction work. Properties have to conform to Australian Standards as well as all other relevant National Construction Codes. In the event that you buy a non-compliant property, you will find yourself being held liable for the costs associated with getting it up to standard. Paying for a pre-purchase inspection will help avoid scenarios like these from occurring.

Make Sure Electrical Installations are Compliant

Malfunctioning electrical appliances and wiring can result in fires occurring or even be the cause of someone getting electrocuted. When a pre-purchase inspection occurs, the inspector will look at items like damaged wire insulation, halogen lights that were installed without the appropriate protective covers, malfunctioning plug circuits, faulty appliances or breakers and electrical installations that are deemed to be non-compliant. Something else that will be inspected is whether or not the property has a sufficient amount of smoke detectors.

Identify Other Aspects that are Unsafe

When purchasing a property, you need to see that it will be 100% safe to occupy. When a pre-purchase inspection is carried out, numerous items will be thoroughly checked. These can include non-compliant balustrades, potential presence of asbestos, poor quality pool fencing, sub-standard decking or other sections of the structure that are not compliant. When aspects such as these are revealed before any purchase paperwork is signed, it can assist you with deciding whether you would still like to make an offer or not.

Illegally Completed Building Alterations

More than 30% of properties have had some form of illegal or non-compliant construction work done on them. These are not only costly to repair; they can sometimes result in someone being injured as well. While a pre-inspection is being performed, matters including illegal wiring, illegally removed load bearing walls, poorly installed appliances and fault light fixtures will be identified. Purchasing an illegally altered property could mean that you will be held liable in a law court in the event of someone being injured – even if you were not the one who had the work done. Another aspect to consider is that most insurance companies won’t cover damages caused as a result of illegally completed construction work.
Termite activity is something else that is carefully scrutinized during a pre-purchase inspection, with as many as 10% of properties showing evidence of infestations. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can perform your next pre-purchase inspection, contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our inspectors.