Most property purchase transactions will only conclude after a thorough property inspection report has been obtained. However, a structural inspection is not the only type of check you should be concerned with. It’s just as important to ensure that a proper timber pest inspection is performed before you sign any type of purchase paperwork as well. After all, a home is most likely the costliest purchase you will ever make, so you must ensure that the property is worth its asking price.

Why you need to Schedule a Pest Inspection

Numerous types of timber pests and other insects are almost undetectable in a property until such time as they have caused a tremendous amount of structural damage. As a result, it’s strongly recommended that an extensive timber pest inspection be performed along with your standard property inspection – both of which must conform to current Australian Standards. While the pest inspection is being carried out, all minor and/or more serious pest-related damage will be noted, and from there, listed on the final pest inspection report.
In addition to the above, a pest inspection report must also make mention of the variations of pests that have been discovered in a home and in which parts of the property they were found in. The level of severity of the pest infestation must also be noted, along with a list of recommendations to address the pest issue and the conditions which led to the initial infestation. Obtaining this pest-related information will go a long way in helping to prevent future pest infestations as far as possible.

Saving Money, Time and Effort

When you receive a pest inspection report along with your pre-purchase building inspection report, it might cost a little more. However, you can rest assured that it will be a good investment and small price to pay because it will save a lot of stress, effort and time in due course. When timber pest inspections are performed, only the latest forms of technology like thermal imaging cameras are used to make sure that all sections of a property are completely inspected for signs of pest-related damage and/or infestation.

Always Use Experienced Inspectors

While the pest inspection and pre-purchase inspection is being carried out, numerous potential buyers try to cut costs by shopping around for the cheapest inspectors they can find. Before settling on which inspector to use though, it’s a good idea to ensure that they are qualified and experienced with regards to termite control and management, while also possessing knowledge regarding how to prevent future infestations. When using an experienced and qualified inspector, you will be able to enjoy full peace of mind in knowing that your entire property is going to be properly inspected before signing any purchase paperwork.

If you’d like to schedule a termite and/or pre-purchase inspection for a property that you would like to purchase, we have experienced and qualified inspectors available to assist in this regard. We are known for providing some of the most thorough inspection options, meaning that the entire property you’d like to buy will be fully inspected. Contact our team to set up an inspection date today.