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Buying at an Auction? We bust 10 Myths about Winning the Successful Bid

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If you intend purchasing a property at an auction, there are a few myths and facts that you should be made aware of that have surfaced over the past few years. 1. Hiding at the Back of the Auction Room Instead, take a position where you’re visible to as many people as possible. Appear determined

10 Signs that a Dream Property Could Turn Into a Nightmare

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Have you located what seems to be the ideal property for you and your family to live in? If this is the case, it’s essential that it be thoroughly inspected before any purchase paperwork is signed. Below are 10 signs that a potential dream property could in fact become a living nightmare. 1. Uneven Ceilings,

Why Pest Inspections are as Essential as Building Inspections

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Most property purchase transactions will only conclude after a thorough property inspection report has been obtained. However, a structural inspection is not the only type of check you should be concerned with. It’s just as important to ensure that a proper timber pest inspection is performed before you sign any type of purchase paperwork as

Property Investment Success Secrets

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Buying an investment property is still an extremely popular way for Australians to invest in their futures. An investment property should mainly be about providing the buyer with a sense of financial security. However, many people are under the impression that purchasing investment properties will always provide them with positive returns. While this is mostly