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What to Look for when Purchasing a House to Renovate

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With budgets being tight in most households these days, more and more potential property buyers are looking at the option of purchasing homes to renovate, or in other words, fixer uppers. While this can be a great way to purchase a property at a discounted price, it is essential that you look at the aspects

What to Look for in a Quality Pest and Building Inspection Report

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Upon hearing that it is recommended to have pest and building inspections performed on properties prior to purchase, many people think that they will not be able to understand the information contained in these documents. While this may be true in some cases, we always ensure that all of our reports are easy enough for

Top 10 Tips For Buying A House At Auction

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Are you considering purchasing a home at an auction? If so, it’s essential that you keep these 10 tips in mind before signing on the dotted line. 1. Do Extensive Research Before placing your first bid, visit other auctions to find out how they work and to see what other properties in the area are

What to Look for when Viewing an Open Home

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If you’re currently looking to purchase a new home, chances are that you may have already made a list of a few properties that you’d like to view. You may have even found a home on the market that seems to have everything you’ve been looking for – right down to those stunning granite countertops.