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Asbestos – Signs That This Silent Killer May Be Present in a Property

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Asbestos is a highly fire-resistant substance that was once put into various building materials, flame-retardant items and insulation products. Although still used in vehicle brake linings and other high-friction applications, its use was banned in water pipes, building materials and other areas in 2003 because of the serious health risks it poses. Below is more

Are Your Smoke Alarms Working?

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Not nearly enough tenants and property owners remember to test their smoke alarms regularly. If your home’s smoke alarms are faulty, you are 26% more likely be seriously injured in a house fire, 57% more likely to experience severe property damage and losses and four time more likely to die in the event of a

Stopping termites in their tracks!

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As warmer spring weather approaches, this not only brings with it the promise of long and lazy summer days. It also provides the ideal breeding ground for termites to make themselves right at home in any wood sections you may have on your house and cause significant amounts of damage in little to no time

How to Cope with Home Buying Stress

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Purchasing a house is not only stressful for first-time buyers – even the most seasoned buyers still experience enormous amounts of stress during the process. Even though the transaction may be going smoothly, there is always the worry of financing falling through, a higher offer being accepted by the seller or even having to look

Why it’s Essential to Use a Qualified and Experienced Building Inspector

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Although a property purchase is most likely the most expensive item anyone will buy in their lifetimes, many people still try and scrimp on costs by hiring the cheapest building inspector they can find to perform pre-purchase inspections. However, below are a few excellent reasons why you must ensure that your building inspector is fully